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As of July, Hing Hay Coworks is 2 years old! We’ve had so many great times these past few years, and we wanted to reminisce with those that have shown us love along the way! We interviewed the wonderful Eric Gould, who has stuck by our side since our humble beginnings:

Eric Gould and Program Supervisor, Eliza Chan at a Coworking Outing back in January

Business Area / Sector: IT / Web Development / Digital Marketing

Position / Role: Mobile Web Developer

Company Name: Jet City Tech at Lawdesk Computers

Website: (


Q: What drew you to Hing Hay Coworks at First?
A: “What first drew me to Hing Hay Coworks was the idea that a coworking space was opening in the International District. I often visit, eat, shop and study in the International District, so it was in a neighborhood I am familiar with. I used to seek out quiet time for study and work at the Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee and work with students on class projects there in the past.

In 2015, summer in Seattle was very hot, and too hot to work from home as I don’t have air conditioning. Hing Hay Coworks immediately appealed to me for its A/C and its neighborhood location. I also know the space that HHC is in from an earlier time; it’s the site of the former Han-il Korean restaurant which the architects in the redesign of the space had kept some of the restaurant’s mural intact on a far wall in the room.

Coincidentally, I had been reading about other coworking spaces around the country and the world, and some people in San Francisco used a travel-oriented crowdfunding platform called Travel Massive to source contributors to help launch a coworking space in San Francisco’s Chinatown. That space, Nomad-a-What, eventually launched and caters towards digital nomads looking for shared workspace. Hing Hay Coworks’ model is different, but I saw that there was a common connection to their respective communities between these coworking spaces.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about coworking here?
A: “First, the people. Hing Hay Coworks’ member community is energetic, social, and supportive. It’s a friendly environment, and that was clear when I joined. Eliza and Quang have been a big part of making everyone feel welcome and at home. I also like the location. Although I commute from West Seattle like some other HHC members do, it’s in an accessible neighborhood with plenty of great amenities. I frequent nearby bookstores, grocery retail, and cafes that are just a short walk away. Hing Hay Coworks’ atmosphere is very tranquil and pleasant to get work done, and the space is just the right size. You can’t ask for a better location, too, with the large windows overlooking Hing Hay Park.”

Q: What is your favorite memory (or memories) from your two years here?
A: “So many memories! I really liked watching Quang get his drone off the ground to record drone video in Hing Hay Park after Christmas in 2015. It was very cold outside but sunny, and it was quite an achievement to see the drone circle above the park for a promotional video of the space. He had also tried it out inside the space, too, for a test-run.

Last year, another HHC member, Devin, had brought in a karaoke machine for Friday afternoons which helped elevate social morale among members. It was a great opportunity to share music and song together. We have also often celebrated member birthdays which have been another fun way to acknowledge members.

Earlier this year, I lead a two-part workshop series using Google Cardboard VR with everyone who wished to participate. I had acquired some Google Cardboard VR headsets and assembled each before the workshop, and produced slide presentations as part of the workshop series. It was engaging for everyone to experience Google Cardboard VR and learn more about apps, photography, video, film and social platforms for the emerging mobile VR technology.

It’s also been wonderful to see seasonal changes in Hing Hay Park throughout the year, and to witness the expansion of the park outside the windows this past year. I think we all look forward to its completion this summer. Everyday, the park’s rhythms and the people attracted to visit and enjoy the park are sources of constant fascination for all of us at HHC.”

Thanks for all the memories, Eric! We couldn’t be here without our supporters, and we hope to create many more memories with you!

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